My career is one that is ever changing and at times hectic. I’ve been in the fashion industry for almost 4 years. With it has come lessons on how to shake off my introverted personality when it is called for and growing thicker skin. Learning how to professionally  respond to different personalities and at times not very nice ones was also a learning curve. It started before I even graduated college when I was hired the day my internship ended. The company I interned for hired me in a different division. I learned so much in that position that prepared me for future jobs. After a few months my time there ended, and looking at it now it was truly for the best.

Although ask anyone, you don’t want to leave one position without an immediate back up. With almost a year of no work I decided to start my blog and  try freelancing, which is what I do now.  I’ve worked for many different companies in various positions.  Some more interesting than others but in every one I’ve learned something new. There are pros like making your own schedule and cons like having to find something new once a job is finished. The creative industries are extremely competitive and I advise anyone who asks me about going into the fashion industry, not to go into it unless it is your true passion. It is not what you see on TV and nor did I expect it to be.

Some of the companies I have worked for include:  Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, David Yurhman and Makeup For Ever just to name a few. Positions held include sales assistant, showroom coordinator, stylist intern and many more.

Recently I had a chat discussing my varying career with a very smart social media expert who suggested I share more of what I do. So as I do different jobs I will share the most interesting and fun parts of them. Hopefully this will give you a piece of what reality looks like for certain fashion professionals.

As always I look forward to your thoughts and feedback!

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