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My Home Office Space: Updated and giveaway

office space

My home office space is always a space in which I spend a lot of time in and I’m always looking to add to it. Not because I’m not satisfied with it, but because I’m obsessed with stationary and all things office. I’ve added a few new pieces to my office space and wanted to write an updated post. You can check out my first post regarding my office space here. Although Home Goods and TJMaxx are my go to for everything when I’m in search for something new for this space, surprisingly they were not the stores in which I found my latest pieces. Here are the newest pieces, where I got them and links to similar ones for you add to your office space. This post has affiliate links in it, upon clicking, buying from the links I may receive a commission. 



The first thing I bought to update my office space was a three shelf cart with wheels. I needed something to hold paperwork that couldn’t fit in the two drawers in my desk. The black color fits perfectly with the black legs of my desk, and the wheels are great for easy movement for when I want to clean or when I need to move my office space items around. I bought it at Aldi, that’s right ALDI. I had to put it together, but I managed to do it on my own, so it was really easy.

office space



Similair ones:


Next I added two magazine holders that my mom was given. She thought I could use them, and she was right. Although they were a dull green and beige and I needed to spruce them up to fit my office décor. In came gold, blue and green paint and some paint brushes that I had around my house. I painted them in gold first and streaked in the blue on one and green on the other. I wanted them to look a bit antique so I left streaks and used short brush strokes.

Similar ones:

The next items I got were also from Aldi! On a separate trip I found an office kit that came with an accordion organizer, folders with four of each design, thumbtacks, paperclips, and binder clips all in the colors and designs of the folders. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I did an unboxing of this and got responses expressing surprise that I got all this in one kit and that I found it at Aldi! Yes I did!

Similar ones:

Also new to my office space were a pen holder and trinket holder that I received as a Christmas gift. I believe it is meant for beauty products, but the colors go well with my office décor and they came in handy for holding pens and the paperclips, binder clips and thumbtacks that came in the office kit I bought from Aldi.

Similar  ones:

Also a gift for Christmas from my little cousins, was a phone stand and charging station, surprisingly also in gold, perfect for my office décor. I use this every time I do an IG story or live where I need to talk. It has been a very useful item, even though I didn’t know if I would use it when I got it. I have! So I thank my little cousins and my aunt for getting me such a useful gift.

office space


Similar Ones:

The printer is also new in my office space. I got it for free, yes completely free! I am a part of the National Consumer Panel, and had racked up enough points to order it before Christmas of last year. I need to find a printer stand, preferably with extra storage. So that is one of the next things on my to-add list for my office space.

Moving on to my oil diffuser. When I was in Florida for Christmas I came down with a small cold. At one of my aunts house there was an oil diffusor in the bathroom, which my aunt insisted on me using as I took a hot shower. And it really did help! So when I got home I purchased a small oil diffuser from TJMaxx. My favorite oils to put in are Eucalyptus and Sandalwood, which I recently found at Hobby Lobby. For some reason I  find it helpful to put my oil diffuser on when I’m writing towards a major deadline.

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It is said that in small spaces you should use every inch wisely. With these four corkboards, I think I’m doing just that. They came two in a pack with self adhesive stickers at CVS. I use them to get paper work off my desk and to hold momentos.


Similar Ones:


Lastly, I just bought this keyboard rest a few weeks ago off Amazon. I looked in a few stores and it seems fashionable wrists rests are not sold or they are sold with a mouse pad. I need the wrists rest for the tendinitis in my arms, wrists and hands and I don’t need a mouse pad. The blue and white goes well with my chair and the rest of my décor. Here are similar ones as well.


office space






What does your office space look like? Let me know in the comments and on social media. Now for the giveaway! I’m doing a giveaway of some beauty items I got from the Covergirl store in Times Square. To enter, subscribe and comment below what part of the house you’re obsessed with and why. Office space, like me?  Kitchen? Bathroom?  The winner will be selected randomly and emailed with the email you use to subscribe. Extra entries if you follow me on Instagram! Let me know in the comment that you followed me! The winner will be contacted via email, put the handle to your Instagram or social handle in your comment so I can contact you there as well.  Open to U.S. and Puerto Rico. No purchase necessary.  Ends Saturday July 6, 2019.  Prize includes: 1 Covergirl by Katy Perry Katty Kat Wink Faux Lashes, 1 Covergirl by Katy Perry Lip Gloss and Body Glitter in 05 Kitty Karma,  1 Urban Decay Brow Guide in High & Tight, 1 Rugged Bluetooth Speaker that comes with a carry clip, is water resistant, wireless and has a rechargeable battery. 1 Estee Lauder makeup bag. 1 Covergirl Times Square bag. Look forward to your comments.-T.S.









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El Cuidado De Mi Pelo Rizo Y Mi Consejos y Trucos

El Cuidado De Mi Pelo Rizo Y Mi Consejos

Siempre he tenido el pelo rizo. Personas con el pelo rizo saben que el cuidado de nuestro pelo es particular. Para mantener rizos saludables, uno de los más importantes elementos es la hidratación. Necesitas usar productos que hidrata tu cabello. Preferiblemente productos que hidrata cuando lavas tu pelo y tambien cuando lo peinas a tu modo. Lo siguiente son los productos que uso para el cuidado de mis rizos. Y consejos o “tips” en el mantenimiento de tu pelo rizo.

Champú Y Acondicionador
Siempre busco champú y acondicionadores que tienen mantecas, aceites, y que son particularmente para el pelo rizo. Si no usas champús y acondicionadores que tienen ingredientes que hidrata, los ingredientes que limpian pueden a la misa ves pelar tu pelo de los aceites naturales que hidrata tus rizos. Amo la marca Tresseme, que tiene una línea para rizos, pero cuando no lo compro siempre busco productos que tienen palabras y ingredientes que ayuda pelo rizo. Lo siguiente son palabras que busco:

Oil, -Aceites
Cream- Cremas
Protect and Strengthen- Proteger y Frotilizar
Protect Cuticles-Proteger foliculos

El cuidado de pelo rizo también incluya el tipo de peines y cepillos que usas. Para mis rizos uso dos peines que tienen dientes anchos, una para cuando lavo mi cabello y la otra para cuando lo peino. Pelo rizo necesita peines que desenredan sin mucha abrasión. Si halas tus rizos mucho, produces “frizz”, o pelo reseco. Uso un peine cuando estoy en el proceso de aplicar el acondicionador. Esto asegura que el acondicionador pase por todo mi cabello, y desenreda antes de que tenga la oportunidad de secarse.

A salir de la ducha, peino y estilo mi pelo primero. Pelo rizo se puede secar facialmente, y más si a humedad. Paso otro peine, y aplico la crema de SheMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus, (Coco y Hibisco) de la línea para rizos. Paso el peine otra vez para distribuir la crema por todo mi cabello. Después bajo mi cabeza hasta al piso y con un poco más de crema empiezo exprimir mi pelo para arriba. Esto se asegura que mis rizos formen en todo mi cabello y no solo en la parte más abajo. Finalmente dejo que mi pelo se seca al aire y lo estilo a mi manera. Si uso una secadora de pelo siempre uso un difusor. Sin una, tu pelo se puede quedar reseca demasiado y formar “frizz”.


Marca’s que e usado o que uso:



Garnier Fructis

Curl Keeper

Deva Curl


Tambien es bueno aplicar un “deep conditioner” o acondicionador profundo que mantengas en tu pelo por un rato. Esto lo puedes comprar o hacer con productos que encuentras en tu cocina. Uso el de SheMoisture de la misma línea, con coco y hibisco de aves en cuando. Estos acondicionadores profundos ayudan cuando queras que tu pelo sea más hidratada de lo que es. Común cuando has usado una plancha, o secadora de pelo.

Productos que no debe de usar:
No uso productos con alcohol que son parte de mucho gels, porque alcohol reseca mucho el cabello.
Productos para otros tipos de cabello, obvio, pero esos productos no tienen los ingredientes que TU pelo necesita.
Un cepillo o peine que tiene dientes chiquitos. Cepillos con dientes anchos deje que tus rizos pasan fácilmente. Si uso peines, es para tener una cola de caballo o “ponytail”.

Eso es básicamente como cuido mi pelo rizo. No es tan difíciles, si mantengas a tu pelo hidratada, sobre todo. Si estás en el proceso de aprender cómo mantener tus rizos, espero que estos consejos te ayuden. ¿Cuál son los productos y marcas para pelo rizo que te gusta? ¡Si tienen preguntas en cómo mantener tus rizos, déjame un comento aquí o en mis redes! -T.S.