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My Office Space

Do you have an office space in your home? I find that other bloggers and vloggers or people that work from home normally do. Or if they don’t they probably have a designated spot where they can focus on their tasks. At the current moment I don’t have my own place, so it was imperative that I find a space that I could focus on my blogging, vlogging and editorial work. At first that place was in someone else’s bedroom with the door shut, which worked for a little while and still works if I truly need it. Although I knew that if only for the sake of not throwing my back out and not reactivating some neck and shoulders issues I had, I needed to create an office space. I started to research desks and chairs, via Pinterest of course. I knew what kind of style I was going for thanks to the limited space in the apartment and my personal aesthetic. I have always been in love with the industrial, clean, luxurious and antique design aesthetics.  I watch so much HGTV that I also had a certain vision on what I might be looking for. I’m also a bargain hunter! I make sure to find a deal, coupon, discount, sale or special code before I make big purchases. Purchasing my office space items were no exception, I wanted deals! So with that in mind I began my hunt. My hunt and my overall obsession with Target lead me to the store one day. Reliable Target came through when I saw my desk in the store. The only problem was I wasn’t too happy with the price. As I left the store I knew I would check the website to see if there was a price difference. Unfortunatly there was not, but armed with the name of the desk and the manufacturer I went on a google hunt for that exact desk.

Lo and behold when I simply googled the name of the desk the website Blinq popped up with a picture of the desk! Now I know this desk was meant for me because there were only a few left in stock and it was cheaper! Much less than what it cost at Target. I made sure there weren’t any huge issues with the desk since it was considered a resell from Target for having imperfections. Satisfied with its description I put it in my cart, with only a few left I had to act fast. Although I wasn’t to keen on paying taxes plus shipping and handling so off I went to find a coupon code. The final price for my desk was $95.19, the original price on the website was $109.99. My desk is made of faux wood and metal, so I don’t have to tell you how difficult it was for two women to get it up three flights of stairs. We got inventive on how to get it up and thank god we’re pretty strong because it was HEAVY! The set up was pretty easy and I put it together myself, the desk is perfect except for a few scew holes that were not placed in the correct postion. Revealing why it was placed on the Blinq website in the first place. Which didn’t bother me at all, as it didn’t affect the stability of the desk or how it looks. And best of all it has a charging station within the desk that allows my wires to have a home and charge my computer as I work. It has four charging slots including two prong outlets, two usb outlets and two well sized drawers. It was a great purchase!

Name and Manufacture of by desk: Loring Writing Desk in Vintage Oak by Project 62





Next on my search list was a chair. I knew I wanted something that would be comfortable and that had a vintage feel. I also originally wanted a chair with arms, but couldn’t find a well priced option. Lastly I knew that I wanted the chair to be in a veveteen fabric and have a curved back, hugging the body. So my hunt continued on every website I could think of, with no luck I turned to looking at what Home Goods and TJMaxx had to offer. This hunt took me a little longer as I would find potential chairs but didn’t fall in love with any of them. Until one weekend on a random trip to TJMaxx I found it! The deep blue color is what I fell for first, although I wasn’t completely in love. So I walked a away to stroll the store, if you go to TJMaxx you know if you like something you should grab it! But I needed to think about it. As we came back around the chair was still there and a man was sitting in it! So I thought if its gone by the third time I walked around, it wasn’t for me. By the third time I came back around, it was still there! I tested it again, I loved the curved form, the velveteen fabric and the royal blue color. Price? Originally $200 but I paid $99.99. It fit perfectly in the back seat of the car and is lightweight, with polished gold legs and wheels. On another trip to Home Goods I found a fluffy pillow in the a blue/green color that went perfectly with the chair! Exactly what I wanted to add more comfort and texture to my little office space. The pillow not only supports my back but my nerves when I need to squeeze it as I try to figure something out for the millionth time!



Finally my decorative pieces and desk accessories were the next items I added to my office space. I found a modern yet vintage feeling lamp at Home Goods just as I was ready to leave the store. On a different trip to Home Goods I found some encouraging word art that I look up to when I’m tired and need a push to get my work done. For now they also serve as my backdrop for my Youtube videos. I use old magazines to add inspiration and color to my space and have also found a spot for my camera, which also has a charging home thanks to my desk. Stationary is also a staple on my desk as I’m always writing something down. I love traditional stationary as opposed to taking motes on my phone or computer. Having it written down for me to always see helps me remember what I have to do. I’m also just partial to the feel of writing something down. Ever since I started my blog each year I get a new planner and I keep the old ones, to look back on. The stationary not only helps keep me organized, but gives me a place to write down my goals, achievements and lessons learned along the way.




Here are the points I kept in mind when hunting for my office space.

  • Space: My space is limited so I needed a narrow desk. I also needed a chair that didn’t take up much space. Consider your space options by measuring your potential office space before your search.
  • Price: Since I bargain hunt I knew I would look for deals.  If you’re looking for furniture make sure to search in store and online. Compare and write down prices. Make sure to look for the best deals on sites like Blinq.
  • Aesthetic: Whether you go for a mix of aesthetics like I did or stick to one, pick colors, materials, fabrics and products that will bring you comfort and inspiration.
  • Reliability: Make sure your desk is well made, as you will be using it daily. Choose a material that won’t warp, break or chip such as wood, metal, steel or even slate and marble!

I plan to get a rug in the future, perhaps to add more texture to the space. I love all my purchases, as I know that when ever I get my own place they will fit well and go with my aesthetic. Do you have an office space? How was the process on finding or creating your office space? I will have a separate post on where you can find similar looking office furniture.



What I’m loving: Vera Moore Cosmetics

vera moore

Sponsored post featuring Vera Moore Cosmetics

Entrepreneur and former soap opera actress Vera Moore was used to paving the way before she started Vera Moore Cosmetics. While on the path to working for the federal government Vera Moore realized her love of theater and dedicated her free time to auditions. She got her first acting gig on the show called South Pacific as a member of the chorus. She soon moved on to acting in soap operas which lead to her a role on NBC’s  Another World where she was one of the very first black actresses cast. During her ten plus years sitting in a makeup chair she realized that there was a lack of products available for women of color. This inspired Vera to create a long-lasting foundation that looked natural on women of color. From that one successful product her beauty and skin care line was launched. The company is now 39 years old and has managed to grow and break barriers such as being the first business owned by a person of color located in Greene Acres Mall on Long Island.


The beauty business was always a family trait as Vera Moore’s husband owned a hair salon that their daughter Consuella grew up in. Vera Moore Cosmetics has continued its legacy of being a family owned business, with Consuella as the COO. She is also a professional aesthetician and helps Vera progress the brand by bringing her younger point of view and experience. Vera and Consuella focus on providing genuine quality and listening to what their customer needs are. They want their costumers to have healthy skin, look beautiful and to feel great in their skin. Those basics are why the brand is highly successful with classic colors and skin friendly products that can never go wrong. Although they are not afraid to include pops of fun colors and experiment with their brand. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both women on multiple occasions and I can honestly say they are a pair of happy and genuine women. So its fair to say that they put their own personalities and values into the Vera Moore brand. Here are a few of the products that I’ve tested from the brand and check out my YouTube channel were I do an unboxing and swatching of the products.


Lips: The one makeup product I can’t live without is lipstick! So I was super excited when I got a few lipsticks and something I haven’t used in a while, lipgloss! Which contain ingredients such as coconut and sunflower seed oil, spearmint, aloe vera and vitamins C&E. While the lipsticks include ingredients such as castor oil and beeswax.


  • Vera’s Red
  • Oynx Wine
  • Autumn Gold

Lipgloss/ LipLiner:

  • Lollipop (bright pink, has a hint of mint!)
  • Baby Doll ( My FAVORITE, blush color that can go with every look)
  • Naked Innocence ( A sheer gold, nude color perfect to top other lipsticks or on its own)
  • Lip Liner Pencil in Chestnut (brown)

Brows: I am very particular when it comes to brow products so I was glad when I fell in love with how the browliner glided right on. And it has a spoolie! It is definitely part of my everyday arsenal now.

  • Browliner in Brunette
  • Brow Kit in Dark Brown which comes with a brow powder, brow highlighter crème and brow wax.


  • Collage Powder in Sahara. This setting powder has antioxidants!
  • Powder Blush in 8th Ave. (gold shade)
  • Powder Blush in Moccasin. (nude pink shade)


  • Eye Liner Pencil in Onyx
  • Mascara in Black. I love the tube design and the GIANT wand!
  • Eyeshadow in Dusty Rose (bright pink)
  • Eyeshadow in Taffy (nude)
  • Eyeshadow in 24kt (light gold)

Skincare: I was also sent the Vera Moore’s Signature Collection set. I’ve used it and I swear I feel my skin tightening! My mother basically took this from me and is in love with it. She also says she can feel her face firming. She also has told me a problem area, the chin is less wrinkly! So it is a must have for the both of us now! Except she’ll have to get her own soon! My mother never raves about skincare, so I know she’s serious.

  • Peptide+Serum with vitamins C+E+CoQ10+Gotu Kola
  • C+Moisturizer with vitamin E + CoQ10



The Vera Moore brand is not only a success story that generations of entrepreneurs can look up to for its success as a business but one that gives back. Despite her many recognitions and accolades Vera has stayed true to herself by being apart of many business centers and conferences that help up and coming entrepreneurs. These include The New York Woman Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Development Centers and the organization Best Buddies that focuses on the needs of autistic children. These are just a few of the recognitions and organizations she has received and is a part of as there are way to many to list! Her products are not only used by the everyday woman but by anchor women, makeup artists, celebrities and have been used on shows such as the Wendy Williams Show. You can find Vera Moore products in Duane Reade, Walgreens and directly on their website. Vera and Consuella make sure to answer their customers questions so don’t hesitate to send them an email with any questions you might have about their products. Make sure to go over to my YouTube channel next for my Vera Moore unboxing!