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The Children’s Club Trade Show

During the months of February and early March I freelanced for Children’s Club. A fashion division under UBM, the leader in business to business events. Every year UBM organizes over 300 global events. Although fashion is one UBM’s biggest division they also organize events for nine other fields. Being someone in the fashion industry and a blogger I have attended trade shows before, but have never experinced what happens behind the scenes. This time around I got to see what it takes to set up 400 booths and bring over 500 brands together in one room. Here are a few of the brands I loved in the show.

The D’vander Collection

The brand started by Lynette Vanderhorst in 2013 was inspired by her son Dehemiah.  After noticing a limited range of creativity in boys fashion Lynette was inspired to create unique one of a kind pieces for her son. You won’t find your standard cars and trucks print in the D’vander collection. Instead the collection blooms with unique colors, graffiti designs and timeless silhouettes. The artistry of the collection can be seen in the hand painted jackets, backpacks and swarovski crystal ski mask. Lynette’s love of graffiti and New York City is showcased throughout the collection, specifically  in the “Freestyle Jacket” that depicts the Brooklyn Bridge Skyline.

Childrens cloths

True Blue Jacket

Leaf Me Backpack



Although the D’vander Collection is predominantly a boys brand, the unisex designs are perfect for the little girl who loves street style clothing. I for one fell in love with the              ” Let’s Fall Jacket” and hand painted  ” Leaf Me Backpack”. The neutral background of black and white allows the leaf print of the jacket stand out. While the  red background of the backpack allows the painted leaves to look as it they are blowing  wildly in the wind.

Childrens show

Vader Jacket

Dee Best Peacoat

Childrens clothing

Lets Fall Jacket

If you have a little boy who loves “Star Wars” or comics, which who doesn’t? Then the “Vader” hooded jacket would be perfect for the boy who wants to feel like the super hero or villain of the comic book. The traditional pea coat gets a makeover with the “Dee Best ” coat. Prefect for the preteen or teen the mix of  faux leather and traditional plaid allows them to be trendy yet classic.  This Brooklyn based brand who currently goes up to size 18 will be launching in June. The D’vander brand will give boys a chance to create their own looks with the help of an online stylist. Giving kids the chance to create their own unique style and be approved by parents. I look forward to seeing the upcoming collections of this unique brand who’s creativity and love of NYC is driving a change in boys attire. See more of the D’vander collection here.

boys fashion

Lynette and her collection.



Mi Amore Gigi

Designer Gabrielle Veith a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology began Mi Amore Gigi inspired by her daughters. Her degrees in fashion, elementary education and art allowed her to easily combine her love of children and fashion. Using her eldest daughter as an inspiration for the logo, a new brand was born. Although Gabrielle’s background seems far from that of a childrenswear designer. Mi Amore Gigi is every little princesses dream wardrobe. Gabrielle began her career designing for rock bands, reality stars and country artist Kenny Cheney’s clothing line.

childrens brand childrens clothing


Her designs which originally were sold on can be found in the aisles of Hot Topic, Walmart and Sears. While her pj sets have sold out at Kmart in the past. The lines clever  interchangeable tops were inspired by her daughters growing fashion sense and a need for ever changing outfits. Graphic t-shirts with interchangeable accessories like tutu’s, bows, stars and more give little girl’s options in a snap. Peasant patchwork skirts, floral leggings and tutus continue Mi Amore Gigi sweet collection.

childrens clothing

childrens clothing

Gabrielle and her collection.

Gabrielle stays close to her roots as a rock band designer with her adult t-shirt line Mon Ami Gigi. Bold graphics featuring classic rock and graffiti inspired prints are the base of the line. This PA based brand was also one of my favorite booths in the show. Gabrielle and her husband created a fairytale like booth that was a hit with the little ones that walked in. See more of Gabrielle’s collection here.


Mia New York

This line that just launched in January is full of trendy clothing that is inspired by the current fashion trends on the runway. Trends of metallic, furs, sequins and leather can be found in the current Mia New York Collection. Mia New York is for the little girl who loves to be on trend and feel glamorous. She’s not afraid to try something new or wear a collection that is different from the usual. An arrange of textures can be found in the collection from soft fur bombers to distressed gold sweatshirts. The line which is described as edgy children’s clothing will be launching its Fall/ Winter 2017 collection at “Lesters” boutique this June.  The collection will be moderately priced beginning at $15.

Childrens Club NYC.

Childrens Club NYC

Fab fur vest!

Childrens club nycChildrens Club NYC

Childrens Club NYC

The designer Jamie and her collection.















If your daughter is growing a fashion sense of her own Mia New York is a great line to experiment with. Many of the pieces which I loved myself would be perfect for a mommy and me day out. The animal prints, shift dresses and faux leather leggings are sure to be found in a mothers closet as well. The top selling multicolored fur vest will be a head turner on the playground. While the metallic sweatshirt and pleated skirt are a great alternative to a sparkly dress for a Christmas party. Mia New York will not only be loved by the trendsetting tween but the fashionable mother as well.Check out the website!



Ali’s Market

Allison Morose opened Ali’s market in July of 2005 selling a range of boys and girls clothing from infancy to teen. An alumni of the Fashion Institute of Technology Ali’s Market sells both European and American brands. With her education and mentorship by Sheila Weiss as well as her retail experience she gain the expertise needed to run a showroom. Allison had also gained a full understanding of what buyers and moms wanted.

NYC tradeshow

No Biggie collection



Childrens clothing

Ali’s Market








Ali’s market is a full service showroom catering to retailers, manufacturers and walk in customers. Brands sold at Ali’s Market currently include eleven multiline brands. You can find anything you need for your child at Ali’s Market. From ready to wear, occasional dresses, swimwear and more. The brands found at Ali’s Market have been worn by the children of Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Garner, Kim Kardashian and many more celebrity babies. They have also been featured in magazines and on TV.

NYC tradeshow


Brands loved by parents like “Kicky Pants” and “Boboli” were on display as well as new brands like “Esme”. The Fall 2017 collection of  “No Biggie” was one of the brands that I absolutely adored.  The brand which is made in Tel Aviv, Israel consists of 100% cotton with prices ranging from $10-$25. The splatter printed sweatshirts and leggings are an artistic new print, while their simple yet brightly colored dresses are sure to be a staple in any little girls closet. Find out more about Ali’s Market here.

Childrens Clothes

Ali’s Market



Paxely Shop

Innovation is the driving force of this eyewear brand. This brand founded in 2013 was specifically made with children in mind.  Pinch free hinges keep little hands, faces and hair from getting pinched. The SafeBend rubber hinges have the ability to flex 180 degrees ensuring durability while in the hands of children. The flexibility also allows the sunglasses to rest comfortably on the child’s head. Comfort was not forgotten either in the making of these sunglasses. The ergonomic rubber nose pads allows the sunglasses to lay comfortably on a child’s less developed nose bridge. While also ensuring stability against slipping off the child’s face. Shades for ages 0-5 are fully adjustable to conform to the head.



With all these innovations it’s no wonder that these shades are made from materials sourced in France and Switzerland. While construction of the sunglasses is done in Bologna, Italy. All materials used in the Paxely sunglasses are child friendly and  BPA free. While the shatter resistant lenses are 100% UBA and UBB which provides full sun protection. These cool lenses also come with a clip attachment. The accessory that was originally inspired by the pacifier clip allows kids and moms to clip the sunglasses anywhere.This LA based brand can be found in boutiques around the world, including New Zealand, Korea and Australia. Paxely is currently showcasing their newest gradient mirrored colored and vintage inspired sunnies. Paxely plans to offer their innovative sunglasses to tweens and teens soon. Find out more here!



My experience with Children’s Club was one I enjoyed and look forward to doing again. I thank all the brands that took the time to speak to me, and educate me on a field of fashion I have less experience with. I can’t wait to attend other trade shows and bring you the latest innovations and trends. Let me know what you loved about the trade show and brands!



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    What a fun experience! I love all these .. such bold designs!!!

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    This was an entertaining read. I agree with you that the D’vander collection would appeal to girls also.

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    Melanie MG
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    Sounds like you had a great time and learned some stuff. My youngest son would love the Vader jacket! He’s all about the dark side.

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    March 18, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    This looks like so much fun. I love that floral bomber jacket, and I would totally wear the Vader jacket. My son would probably fight over it though.

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