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Last week I made my way to the PA/Delaware border. I stayed in the town of Media, PA Americas first fair trade town. When you buy fair trade products you support the workers, farmers or crafters that made them. Proceeds of these sales can go to a variety of programs like training for farmers and crafters to grow and protect their small business. People who  buy fair trade ensure that small businesses survive and are not pushed out by big  conglomerates. You are also making environmentally and socially positive purchases as they help end child slavery, poverty, pollution and vast array of problems facing the globe.

Not sure what I would find I was ready to explore the town. A small town with a big city feel I enjoyed the vast amount of different cultures via shops and restaurants. Being of lover of antiques and thrift shopping I hoped to find a shop that had items not found elsewhere. There were many of these shops although I fell in love with one in particular. Reconsidered Home is a furniture and antique shop that sells items from around the globe. Particularly beautiful are the restored pieces with a mid-century modern Danish, Scandinavian or American design.


Natalie Rettinger started the company in 2011 after she bought her mid-century home and was inspired by the asthetic of that era. She pays attention to detail as she personally selects the pieces that are sold. With many pieces coming from auctions, estate sales and  consigners selling their antiques you are bound to find something that reminds you of the past. Europe’s opulent history is seen in the furniture that was brought back by soldiers and passed down through generations. The glass and gold accents used as a leading trend  in the past now fits in great as a stand out piece in a modern home. Prices vary from $7  and up as you can find pieces made by local artisans or modern design innovator Russell Wright. Natalie finds many unique pieces of art and architecture scouring wholesale and overstock. She also offers her decorating and design expertise to clients looking to redecorate.

Reconsidered Home helps other small businesses by showcasing local artist through popup shops once a month. October 8th they hosted Rally Caller by artist Sarah Kaizar and circa 78 designs by Rachel Breeden. Rally Caller focuses on eco responsible prints and illustrations of endangered species while circa78 seventies inspired home goods and pop art fit right into the store.

Vegan Tan leather plycraft chair and ottoman, Set of Four Umanoff Leon Patio Chairs

1961 Blaupunkt German Radio.                Russian Embossed plate

If you are ever in Media, PA  a 30 min ride from Philly stop by Reconsidered Home on 15 East State Street. Hours: Wednesday- Saturday 11am-6pm, Sunday 11am-4pm. You can also checkout their website www.reconsideredhome.com.

Hans Olsen sofa                                            Natalie and I

I hope you enjoyed learning about this great small town and business as much as I did.





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