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I was invited by the creative agency The Fashion Minded to view their first popup shop in Soho. Founders Jennylynn Aberin and Margaret Pauta who both have backgrounds in retail and experience in the industry created The Fashion Minded to give up-incoming  designers with online stores or designers just entering the U.S. market services that would cost an exhorbite amount of money otherwise. The Fashion Minded provides PR, manufacturing contacts and events such as trade shows and pop up shops for the designers to show and sell their collections. The designers also have the ability to be at the each event in person. This opportunity allows the designers to speak to consumers about their collections which in turn gives a face to their brand. People not only connect to the clothes but to the creator as well, making it a personal purchase. Events like these give the designers a chance to gage how people respond to their collection and learn what are their best selling pieces and perhaps give insight to changes they would need to make.

Sau a two year old brand was created in September of 2014 by Cheryl Leung. Inspired by living in both Hong Kong and New York City the brand combines east and west cultures. The collection’s western cuts appeal to the modern woman while her use of eastern inspired rich colors and classic Chinese embroidery adds extodinary detail to every piece. Cheryl designs with every women in mind while mixing edge and feminity into her collections. You will not blend in with her intricately designed gowns but rather stand out all the while remaining timelessly elegant. Currently Sau is sold in Showroom 7, Revolve.com, in 15 boutiques around the world and 10 in the U.S.

The designer and one of her favorite pieces.

Sau gowns

Kasane Jewellery founded in 2014 by Karishma Sani featured her Fall/ Winter and signature collections. Her company is named after a college nickname. Her background in the jewelry department at Christie’s Auction House in New York and Bonham’s in Asia helped her start her own jewelry line. Her goal is to make her customer feel like they can mix all her collections. She designs her collection with that concept in mind while adding fresh ideas each time. Her pieces are fine classic jewelry with a modern twist. She is inspired by her Indian descent, growing up in the US and her travels. The line is currently available online and in stores through the Flying Solo Collecective on Mulberry Street. With a mix of affordable faux and real gem stones, pearls, sterling silver and 18k gold the pieces are dainty yet stunning. Her favorite piece of jewelry to design are her rings that run from sizes 5-8. Which upon learning I thanked her for keeping the smaller ladies in mind.

Karishima displaying and wearing her collection.

Top:Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Bottom:Rings sold together as gift sets and bracelets

More of the collection

Beaded bracelets hand made in Columbia created by Mishky were on display. The Colombian brand was growing their U.S. presence through the pop up shop. The designer makes boho styled bracelets and necklaces using beads and pearls ranging from $16.90-$127.40. The brand believes in having social responsibility and giving back. They achieve this by giving a portion of the proceeds from every piece to a mother making their jewelry an hour a day from home.This opportunity allows them to spend more time with their kids and families.

Veggani part of Conscientious Trends LLC and PETA approved was founded by Laura de Waal in Philly PA. Her goal was to create non ethic compromising quality bags. All materials used are recycled and animal free. Made in Laos by farmers and citizens the company  supports families and helps clean up bomb shrapnel that can cause illness and death. The metal found in the shrapnel is metled down to make the hardware for the bags. Bags range from $150.00-$200.00.Veggani vegan leather purses and cluthes.

5 on 7 a ready to wear brand was created in 2014. The asthetic is a combination of comtempory, modern and romantic designs. The brand creates their collection in New York City using fabrics from Eruope and NYC. The Haute Couture construction is what makes their pieces unique and the quality is istantly recognizable. They currently have a showroom on 325 west 38th st. but are only selling on Amazon in the US and Canada. The skirt I’m wearing has a 100% silk lining with a zipper, snap and hook closure. It also has a great textured feel, all these details are what make me appreciate the skirt. Normally I would not wear such a colorful piece but it reminded me of a watercolor painting which made me fall in love with it. It originally cost $195.00 but due to the Fashion Minded Popup it was $20.00!

I look forward to working with The Fashion Minded again and bringing you more info on great designers. Check out The Fashion Minded TFM.

I hope I taught you a bit about how this great company supports the fashion industry and the designers.


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