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When you are planning to travel and while traveling what are some of the apps you use? What is the purpose of those apps? Do those apps help you discover your surroundings or do they only have a utilitarian purpose?

The following apps have been downloaded and tested by me while freelancing in NYC.

Qapital-This app helps you save money towards any goal. You input how much your goal is going to cost you. Then you chose a money saving rule. Be aware this app connects to your bank account and takes money out towards your Qapital savings.

1. The Guilty Pleasure Rule: helps you save a certain amount every time you indulge in a guilty pleasure.

2. The Spend Less Rule: pick a certain amount and every time you use under that amont the rest is put into your qapital account.

3. The Round Up Rule: This is there most popular rule and is the one I use. Every time you use the card linked to the qapital account the amount used gets rounded up and goes into your Qapital account.

4. The Set & Forget Rule: Set a daily, weekly or monthly transfer amount towards your Qapital account.

5. If this then then that rule: The IFTTT rule allows you to work with social media, the weather, to do list or goals. It also helps you resist impulse buys all while saving towards your goal. For example if you chose the IFTTT with weather you can choose to have a certain amount transferred to your Quapital account every time it snows.

iOS available only.

Skyscanner-I like this app because it finds you tickets for sale with major airlines and lesser known airlines. Which is useful because if your not too picky about which airline you use you can find cheaper prices than those of big airlines. You can also look for rental cars and hotels. Rental car search and price are dependent on age because of insurance. It gives you a variety of rental companies and prices all in one app. You can also view the rental cars on the app. iOS only.

HomeAway- similar to Airb&b this app helps you find a house to stay at while on vacation as well as some looking for renters. There are pictures of the property it’s surroundings and the owner. You select your destination ,dates, number of guest, bedrooms, bathrooms and which amenities you want. The amenities can include pet friendly, pool, internet access, non-smoking, hot tub, tv and more. The location selections you can chose to stay at are beach, waterfront, lake, mountain and ski. The price of the houses vary as the selection varies from cabin, cottage or house. It also records your past and upcoming trips.

Pros of this app were that there were pictures of the house, its surroundings and the owner. Depending on the owner they can also offer extra perks such as private yoga, groceries and chauffer service.You can also read reviews of the property and the owner. Communication with the owner is easy as you can talk to the via the app. iOS only.

Tripcase- This app lets you forward all travel confirmations to one place or manually create a trip. This app a great because it not only holds your flight info but your lodging, car rental, ground transportation info. And extracralicular acivities, meetings, restaurant reservations, cruise, air, ferry and rail itinerary. You can also sync your travel companions itinerary. IOS only.

Worldmate-This app is great for traveling while working. The ability to link your LinkedIn account makes traveling with coworkers easy. It records past and upcoming trips and you can reserve hotel, flight and limo service to and from the airport. The app also gives weather info on your current location and trip location. The app is also a currency converter and tip calculator for taxis and restaurants  custimizable to the country you’re in.

Cons of this app is real time flight push notifications and calendar are an extra $9.99/year. IOS only.

Pack Point- Based on gender and type of trip. The info you input is your destination, date of travel, length of stay and type of travel you then select the type of activities you will be doing. You also select the weather and whether you will be doing laundry or repeat basics. The ap factors all this info and generates a packing list. The list is broken down into categories of essentials and toletries. You can add and delete items and change the quality of items. The list is shareable via Tripit integration or Evernote. The app was very easy to use and considered women’s nessecitys as well. IOS only.

There are more travel apps that I will be reviewing, but I would like to know which travel apps you love. Have you used the ones above? Let me know in the comments or social media.


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