Crocheted Couture 2

  I have accomplished a finish underskirt! After much deconstructing and resewing the underskirt is finished. The editing process for me is one of sewing, fitting, deconstructing and resewing. 

  The most tedious part of the underskirt so far was knowing how to end and tie off a seam. Although my first mistake in making this skirt was making it way too big. I did not remind myself that sewing sizes and ready to wear clothes found at the mall are different. For example I am a medium or 6 in ready to wear clothes. In sewing sizing I’m a size 16 in skirts. You can find your sewing size by using a measuring tape and wrapping it around the middle of your bum to the middle of your thighs.You can measure in inches or centimeters although it can depend on your pattern. 

 To have a guide of what I want my skirt to look like I used a skirt of a similar style that I already own.
As you can see above the black skirt is my guide. I cut the green skirt too big so I had  recut and edit.

The sewed line on the far right is the old seam and the one next to it is the new seam. After I sewed the new seam I had to           carefully undo the old seam.

Next step was darts. Although the right dart was undone and rewsewn to bring it closer to the middle back seam.

Back seams and darts were sewn. The left dart which was too far left was taken apart and resewn.

This is the finished underskirt. I have left it slightly large because of how I plan to wear it. I will most likely wear it with a shirt tucked inside right above the belly button with heels. I still have to insert the zipper, cut and sew the lace on top and edit.


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