Freebie Frenzy: Beauty

Although my first love is fashion I still love to experiment and try beauty products. I like to discover what the latest      in beauty has to offer. Getting those products for free doesn’t hurt at all. Many companies like to hear your thoughts on a product and in return for a review will give the products to you for free. Here are some of the ways to get free beauty products.

1. Influenster

Influenster lets people review products they have already tried and ask questions about products they would like to try. Complete you profile, connect your blog if you have one and social media accounts. Answer their”Snaps” questions for the opportunity to recieve a “Voxbox” full of products for free. Products can be trial or full size but who cares, it’s free! Once you have reviewed the product leave your feedback through they’re website and social media using the hashtags they provide.

This website loves it if you have a lot of social media followers. Make sure you connect all your social media accounts for more testing opportunities.Influenster

2.  BzzAgent   

BzzAgent has you answer questions through surveys and campaign qualifiers. The surveys and campaign qualifiers allow them to get to know you and pair you with the correct products to test. 

Make sure to answer your surveys which increases your elegibity of receiving products.  BuzzAgent

3. Crowdtap

Answer a few profile questions so they know which products would be to your liking. Take polls and questionaiers about brands to be eligible for testing products. Once you have tested the product share your feedback with others and Crowdtap.Crowdtap

I have received full sized products from Crowdtap. So the questionaries pay off in the end. For example when you recieve a full size shampoo and conditioner in the mail it’s all worth it.


Even if you are not a beauty blogger or a blogger at all make sure to RSVP and go to social events. Events like blogger meet ups, private shopping days and industry conferences will most likely offer free beauty products.

It may seem like you will be answering a lot of questionaries, which it can be. I like to do them during less busy weekends. The great thing about these websites is that they give you more than enough time to review and complete the tasks. Many times they give up to a month or more to complete the review and task.

With any company you are working with don’t forget to disclose that you received the product free for review. It’s the law.

These websites don’t require that you have a blog. Although there are other websites that do require the reviewer have a blog.

Some of my free beauty products.

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