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    Last week I was not able to write due to my hectic schedule. I’m currently freelancing a lot of different gigs in the fashion industry. Although this is one of the reasons I love my industry, it is ever changing and fast paced. When you work in a field that might need you at a moments notice it is best to have closet or wardrobe staples. The following pieces are easy, always professional and versatile. I try to add color and prints but black is always my go to if I don’t know the office culture or event’s vibe.

All black attire is always proffesional and classic.

Skirt Old Navy, Top Rave

  Loose button downs in a jersey or jersey like fabric are quick to throw on and go.

I have an array of prints and colors for variety.

 From Left to Right: Dots, Loft, Love Tree,next 3 Loft, Love Culture

Shirt and wrap dresses in Jersey are essentials in office attire.(thank you DVF) Animal prints are like neutral beiges and blacks so don’t be afraid of them.  Express dress

When it’s way to hot for long sleeves don’t be afraid to go sleeveless, just make sure the cut and fabric is still proffesional.  Massimo Top

 Camisole’s or Cami’s should be a staple everyone has. They help with sheer tops and hold everything in place. 

 Shorter skirts can be proffesional as long as the color, cut and material are appropriate.

Loft Skirt

Lace doesn’t have to be for occasional dressing only. The silver color of this one allows it to be dressed down or up. The Limited: Scandal collection skirt

Blazers are great for tying a look together. Have multiple for different seasons.  Rampage blazer

 Love on a hanger blazer 

Althleisure is trending in office attire right now. Try a fitted top with jogger styled pants. They are relaxed but since the material is jersey or silk like and the color is neutral it looks professional. 
   Loft Pants

   I am very lucky when it comes to workwear and dresscode. The Fashion industry although a business is liberal and when it comes to dress code it varies. I have worked in offices and events where professional attire is required. I have also been able to wear jeans and a t-shirt every day to work if I wanted to. It has given me the freedom to cultivate what I want proffesional attire to be.

  As you can see I like to mix a lot of high and low priced pieces together. As long as you know your personal asthetic you will be able to walk into any store and put a great look together. Don’t be afraid of color in business attire if you feel like a bright colored blouse is too shocking try adding color or print with a pair of shoes or jewelry.

  I Hope I gave you some outfit ideas that are easy, quick and can become staples in your closet as well.

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