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   Traveling can be stressful to some. I personally have a problem with not packing all my closets into one luggage. I’m sure there’s therapy for that problem, but enough about me! Over the years I have been able to pick up some packing tricks that have made my voyages both abroad and stateside much easier.

1) Use a straw to keep your necklaces from tangling.

  2) Protect your valuables in garment bags, by vaulables I mean shoes.(I get these garment bags from Schoola, see post Freebie Frenzy)


3)Use those same garment bags as hampers for your clothes during your trip.  

4) Use makeup bags for keeping        jewelry, toiletries and small items from getting lost, destroyed or marking your vestments. (Clothing non-French speakers) 

5) Use a very fashionable or just very bright neon luggage tag. Because everyone loves waiting at that carousel pushing through people just to realize that’s not your luggage. NOT!

6) Roll all clothes like a burrito. I dare you not to want Mexican food as you do this. This method leads to less wrinkles in my experience. It also maximizes luggage space.

7)Spray fabric refresher in your luggage before packing, in bags with shoes and put some in a travel bottle to keep clothes smelling like a spring waterfall, flowers, fresh apples (whatever floats your boat)before and during trips. 

 You can also dryer sheets for this purpose also although I feel like it leaves a film on my clothes so I only put them in shoes.

I hope the hacks I’ve used can help you in your next global wandering adventure. If you have any other hacking tips let me know by commenting or clicking on the social media widgets.


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    Ruth Mary Leonardo-Diaz
    April 5, 2016 at 11:08 pm

    Love the straw idea! Thanks for sharing

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