Sew Done 

  I have finally finished my first sewing adventure. Needless to say it’s not perfect and I have to be ok with it. The seams are a little rough and frayed but the task at hand was accomplished. I set out on my first sewing journey not only with the goal of learning how to sew but of sticking with it. I knew it would take me a while and at times due to my major impatience I wanted to quit. 

  After mistakes, ripping seams apart, incrorrect stitching and resewing the garment is finished. I’m glad I never quit and kept on sewing towards the finished seam. I am planning a trip to the fabric store soon for my next project. My sewing has reminded me a general life lesson: never give up on your goals. Even if my sewing journey has not lit a needlepointed fire for sewing within you I hope you were inspired to have perseverance towards your goals.

Tunic Done! Finito! I will be moving on.  

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