Undo,Edit and Redo

 My sewing journey continues as I grow close too finishing. My perfectionist nature does not allow me to leave an incorrectly sewn seam. It also helps that I have another set of more experienced eyes to give me tips. 

  I have taken the garment apart and resewn it more times then I can count. After taking apart the garment many times I have sewn all the main pieces of the garment together. I  still have editing and trimming to do until I feel like the  garment is complete.

  I am beginning to understand the combination of madness and beauty that McQueen and Galliano went through in their early years. When you are physically creating your vision but the outcome is not satisfactory there is only one solution. Undo, edit and redo.

 Taking it apart again (insert heartbreak here)  
Still not done editing


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