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March 2016


Sew Done 

  I have finally finished my first sewing adventure. Needless to say it’s not perfect and I have to be ok with it. The seams are a little rough and frayed but the task at hand was accomplished. I set out on my first sewing journey not only with the goal of learning how to sew but of sticking with it. I knew it would take me a while and at times due to my major impatience I wanted to quit. 

  After mistakes, ripping seams apart, incrorrect stitching and resewing the garment is finished. I’m glad I never quit and kept on sewing towards the finished seam. I am planning a trip to the fabric store soon for my next project. My sewing has reminded me a general life lesson: never give up on your goals. Even if my sewing journey has not lit a needlepointed fire for sewing within you I hope you were inspired to have perseverance towards your goals.

Tunic Done! Finito! I will be moving on.  


FIT’s The Women of Harper’s Bazaar 1936-1958

   Last week I had the pleasure of visiting FIT’s latest exhibition. The Women of Harper’s Bazaar showcases the work of three pinnicale women. All three contributed to the success of Harper’s Bazaar through editing and photography. Pioneers of their time they pushed the boundaries on how a magazine was produced and how fashion was viewed.

Vintage Covers    

   Caramel Snow was editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar by 1933 and had previously worked for American Vogue. The switch was considered scandalous and a move of betrayal at the time. Her  progressive push in fashion helped the likes of Cristobal Balenciaga catapult their careers. Her respect of editors and artists at the magazine made her a revered editor. She was not interested in the commercialism of fashion but the art of it. 

Edited by Snow taken by Louise in Paris 
   Diana Veerland led a metropolitan life between New York and Paris where she was friends with fashion’s elite like Coco Chanel. Hired by Snow her first job at Harper’s Bazaar was writing a column called “Why Don’t You”. She became the magazines fashion editor in no time. Her hands on approach to editing led her around the globe discovering designers and stepping in for models like Bijou Barrington when she was ill. Her work was noticed by American Vogue where she later became editor in chief.

 Diane styling a 1946 shoot  

 1958 cover and head dress edited by Veerland  

Taken by Louise, Carolyn Schnurer top styled by  Veerland

Carolyn Schnurer top  
   Louise Dahl Wolfe was an interior designer before she became a photographer. She was employed by Harper’s Bazaar in 1936 when photography was first becoming the norm in place of fashion illustration for magazines. She was was one of the first photographers to use Kodachrome film (color film) invented by Kodak in 1935. She and Veerland were leaders in on location photography moving shoots out of the studio and into exotic locations. Wolfe’s tireless work for color accuracy is what made her a well known photographer at Harper’s Bazaar.

 Louise and her press pass 

 May 1946 shoot edited by Veerland taken by Louise in Rio de Janeiro.Claire McCardell swimsuit. 

 1949 shoot taken by Louise. Mainbocher ensemble. 

 Claire McCardell dress used in a 1952 shoot. Shot in studio, part of a story shot in South America. 

 Carolyn Schnurer Playsuit used in a 1957 shoot in Trinadad by Louise. 

 Christian Dior coat, shoot edited by Snow taken by Louise in France. 

 1947 shoot by Louise, Charles James evening gown. 

  All taken by Louise for Bazaar in the 1940’s and 1950’s 
  The individual and collaborative work of these three women made Harper’s Bazaar a well known and respected fashion magazine. Their respect for readers and imaginative editing and photography process made Harper’s Bazaar a leader in fashion publications.


Free Clothes Frenzy

I have a confession I love free things especially free clothes. I love the feeling of clicking add to cart and seeing 0.00 balance. I have gotten free to almost free clothes not only for myself but also  for my mom.So how do I do it you ask? Shop consignment! Consignment or previously owned clothes sometimes still come with tags and can be curated for authenticity.

Some of my favorite online consignment stores are the following:

Threadup: You can order a free postage paid clean out bag and ship them your gently used clothes. They have a list of which brands they do and don’t take and approx how much they sell for.Make sure you check the list before you send the bag in if you want to get paid. If you do send them items they don’t list you can order a return assurance in the first 7 days or once the items have been listed for 84 days. They can also recyle the clothes they won’t sell of which 10% of the proceeds goes to Teach for America. 

Paid only $3.99 with free shipping:Old Navy top


Diversity Genuine Leather skirt   

Wool Skirt


   And only $10.48 for this jacket (with tags!)Rampage jacket original $85.00
For All of your items listed under $60, you are paid once they process your items. Items listed for $60 and over you are paid once they sell. Cashout via PayPal, threadup account(free clothes) or you can donate your earnings.Use my link for $10

Yerdle: This website sells more then clothes and it’s more of a swapping system. With the app you can take a picture and list  an item at whatever price you want. They send you a prepaid UPS label once it’s sold. Shipping depends on each item and sometimes it’s free. Payment is done with the yerdle dollar(free) unless there is shipping to pay. Get $10 and free shipping with my link.

Poshmark: Take pictures with the app of whatever you are selling to fill your closet(they encourage clothing). List what the retail price was and what your selling price is.For sales under $15 there is a $2.95 deduction fee from the listed price.  For sales of $15 or more the fee is 20%, %8o of the sale you keep. Once an item is sold they send you a prepaid shipping label via email. After you’ve dropped your package off at usps you can deposit your earnings into your checking account, request a check, or your Poshmark account!(free clothes) Shipping is $5.95 but you can use your Poshmark earnings to cover it(free)! Get $10 with my code and free shipping! JNBQZ

 Free with credits : Loft dress 
Schoola: Donate your  woman’s, girls and juniors gently used clothes to Schoola via a free prepaid shipping bag they send you. All items they sell are 70% off retail and 40% of all profits go to help kids and schools. Orders of $50 or more have free shipping and all other shipping is $4.99. They offer free shipping occasionally which is currently the case. They work with foundations that help kids and schools . One of them is the Malala Fund where 40% of profits goes to support 12 years of safe and free girls education. With the credits you earn for joining and free shipping you can get free clothes. Use my link for $20 to spend.

Free with schoola credits:  B. Miss Genuine leather jacket and Michael Carrie    top  

Phosphorus genuine leather jacket and  CC Hughes top

Jones New York Dress  

Peach Royal top  

Now with what I’ve taught you on how to get free or nearly free clothes click on the links and shop guilt free! Happy shopping.


Undo,Edit and Redo

 My sewing journey continues as I grow close too finishing. My perfectionist nature does not allow me to leave an incorrectly sewn seam. It also helps that I have another set of more experienced eyes to give me tips. 

  I have taken the garment apart and resewn it more times then I can count. After taking apart the garment many times I have sewn all the main pieces of the garment together. I  still have editing and trimming to do until I feel like the  garment is complete.

  I am beginning to understand the combination of madness and beauty that McQueen and Galliano went through in their early years. When you are physically creating your vision but the outcome is not satisfactory there is only one solution. Undo, edit and redo.

 Taking it apart again (insert heartbreak here)  
Still not done editing