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February 2016


FIT’s Fairytale Fashion

During the weekend I visited the Fairy Tale Fashion exhibition in The Museum at FIT. As children we read fairytales that made our imagination run wild with possibilities. We could escape our everyday lives and pretend to be Cinderella for the day. Fashion affords us the same illusion today. We can dress elaborately for dinners, proms or weddings completely opposite of everyday life. Many designers have pulled inspiration from fairytales for their collections reminding us of what our imaginations could produce. Fashion is an outlet to be someone other than yourself. Just think of Halloween, in one night you transform yourself into an imaginary character with the help of a costume. Many characters in fairytales make the same transformations be it with a glass slipper, a red cloak or mermaid tail.

Not all fashion within fairytales were literal. In the original fairytales written by Charles Perrault,the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson transformation of clothing was a depiction of great change within the character’s lives. Cinderella’s life began to change from maid to princess when her fairy godmother swaps her rags to a gown. 

Curator Colleen Hill did a great job showcasing how fairytales inspired designers in the past and how it is still relevant for both creator and consumer. Her point of reference for the fairytales were the original writings instead of the Disney versions. She used both literal and subjective approaches to the exhibition.

The following are some of my favorite pieces on display in the exhibition. Fairy Tale Fashion will be on display at the Museum at FIT until April 16, 2016.


Red Riding Hood:Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2104  

Altuzarra Fall 2010  

 Giorgio do Sant’Angelo circa 1970 

Snow White:Dolce and Gabbana 2012 with hand painted flowers 

 Peter Soronen red corset dress 2007 and Dolce and Gabbana Purple Corset Dress Fall 2104 

Sleeping Beauty:Marchesa Spring 2012(left) Zuhair Murad Haute Couture 2015(right)  

Dolce and Gabbana dress and hood Fall 2014  

Cinderella:Noritaka Tatehana 2014 

The not so ugly stepsisters:Anne Forgaty circa 1970(left) and Blue Marine fall 2014(right)  

Rapunzel : Alexander McQueen Fall 2007 

The Snow Queen: J. Mendel hooded cape 2011 and evening dress 2008  

This exhibition reminded me of childhood stories and how fashion expands the imagination. Check it out before it’s gone!



Closet Confidential 

This week I took the time to purge and reorganize my closets. Purging clothes is not an easy task for this emotional dresser. Almost every piece of clothing has a memory attached to it. I forced myself to think of the clothes soley as garments and not as memory keepers. I had to purge any item that I felt I would never wear again.  The next step was put away any out of season clothes in my suitcases.  Optimizing emtpy and vertical space are great tools to a functional closet. Using color and length coordination can be useful as well. I hope my weekend of purging and reorganization is helpful for you as well.

Purge: I like to donate or sell   
Store: I store in emtpy suitcases

Organize: Optimize vertical space






Dart Disruption 

I have not given up on my sewing escapade. To create a shape on a garment darts are needed. They are usually made at the waist or bust line. They took me more time to complete than I expected. I made many a mistake including sewing the darts inside out and sewing the shoulders uneven. When you sew something incorrectly the only way I know of fixing it is ripping the stitches out and starting all over. With heartbreak I ripped and resewed until correct. On the interfacing front, the extra fabric that gives a garment stability, I took the iron on approach. I also sewed the front and back pieces together at the shoulders, bringing my garment closer to the finish line.A great respect for professional seamstresses, designers, and grandmother has grown.  


Met Break

Recently I visited one of my favorite peaceful places, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Costume Institute headed by Anna Wintour has had insightful exhibitions into the fashion world such as Model as Muse, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty,on designers, models and muses. This winter the exhibition Jacqueline de Ribes: The Art of Style, showcased the aristocrats designer wardrobe and personal creations. Her collections consisted of both ready to wear and haute couture. Her life was just as impressive as her style. Designer and TV producer were some of the countess other titles. Her aristocratic influences, and appreciation of being designer muses are seen in this exhibition. The sense of self that comes through in this exhibition reminds people what fashion is supposed to be. It is your opportunity to be who ever you want to be. The exhibition Jaceline de Ribes: The Art of Style will be showcased until Feb 21, 2016.