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January 2016


Scissor Blunder

This week in my sewing journey I learned that making mistakes during the creative process can lead to inspiration. I was cutting my fabric while slightly distracted when I cut the front facing piece in half. The novice mistake gave me a lace induced idea. So it was another trip to my local craft shop for lace and creative inspo. I now look at that mistake as an opportunity to make my garment more dimensional.  I hope you are finding your creative outlet.



Snowed In Sewing 

Here on the Northeast coast we were hit with blizzard Jonas. Without consideration it ruined my museum wandering plans. Though I was very glad I had plenty of time to sew. As I mentioned in my previous post I have very little sewing technical skills. I got aquented  with my Brother XL2230 sewing machine.Needless  to say after frustration comes the stitching rainbow. After rereading directions and watching YouTube tutorials I was able to thread the sewing machine,practice stitching and understand a pattern. So far I’ve learned patience is the biggest virtue needed for this craft. I hope to have a finished garment soon. Patience is a virtue!!! 



Sewing into my Ancestry 

I am continuing the theme of trying something new with sewing. The talent of sewing has run in my family starting with my maternal grandmother. She was a professional seamstress in NYC. Although I never met her I always believed the love of the fashion industry was passed down to me. I don’t have much experience in sewing so this will be a challenge for me. I hope you enjoy following my sewing journey and get inspired to create something.



New Year New Adventures

With the new year started I thought I would start a blog. Ive thought of it  during 2015 but never jumped into the blogosphere. I don’t know what to expect as a begin this blog or this year. However I am very hopeful that this year will bring great blessings. I Hope to be able to share my love of fashion, travel, food and whatever else comes my way this year.