Crocheted Couture

Recently I started a new sewing project. Due to my freelancing schedule and my lack of patience I have not been as attentive to my sewing. Although my appreciation of the craft is great. I have also noticed that I have gotten the sewing bug. I want to make something by hand that I can wear.

This time around I am sewing a knee length pencil skirt. I am also sewing with crocheted lace and a cotton blend knit. Although I’ve sewn with cotton before I have never sewn with lace. Sewing with such a delicate fabric such as crocheted lace takes more detail oriented work. Or more patience in my case.

I found the cotton at my local fabric store while the 2 yards of crocheted knit was found on the app Yerdle for $7.00. Use my link to get free shipping on your first purchase.Yerdle


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